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Kirti and Rilesh | Indian Wedding Photography in Perth

Kirti and Rilesh had their wedding ceremony onboard the charter boat Moonlight Express. Interestingly enough, this was our second wedding on a boat recently, after Dani and Elliott’s wedding in November. Wedding photography on a boat does impose its own challenges, with the lack of manouvering space probably the hardest to overcome. This day was only the first half of Kirti and Rilesh’s wedding. The second half will be the traditional Indian wedding some time in 2012. Incidentally, we’re now in late January and we have just photographed our first traditional Indian wedding. Stay tuned for photos in a few weeks of Hiral and Padma’s wedding (Hiral is Kirti’s sister and we also covered Hiral’s “first-half” wedding back in January of 2010). Now we know what’s coming up for Kirti and Rilesh’s grand, three-day long wedding festivities – beautiful saris, lots of colour, lots of emotion and of course, lots of yummy Indian food!

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