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Tamsyn & Tony | Wedding Photography Perth

What a celebration of love in the midst of flowering tulips and cherry blossoms!

Tamsyn and Tony tied the knot at the Araluen Botanic Park gardens during the Tulip Festival. However, this meant not only a wonderful floral display, but also hundreds of other visitors, who glanced curiously at the wedding. And how could you not, a picture perfect couple on one of the most important days of their lives, with a handsome group of groomsmen and pretty in pink bridesmaids.

The reception followed in the evening at The Boatshed Restaurant, and just before they sat down, we took a few more snaps at dusk with the Perth skyline in the background.


Melissa & Jérémie | Perth Wedding Photography

A love story spanning continents… Melissa is from Perth and Jérémie from France. This wedding started with a taste of romance in the form of baguettes and croissants from Jean Pierre Sancho where the couple wanted to have some of their photos taken. A very tasty start to the day, but there were more treats to follow!

After another short picnic break, the couple joined their families in Kings Park for the wedding ceremony in the Old Tea Pavilion. The ceremony was followed by more cakes, which the kids got hold of quickly!

We then had more photos taken at the Hillarys Beach, where, despite precautions, a wave splashed the couple, but we think they are some of the best photos in this set, don’t know if they would agree Smile.

Their reception was a home-baked affair, literally, as there were more… you guessed it – cakes! And not only that, but visual treats of many kinds, all hand made with a lot of love and patience.

If you, like many of us, enjoy looking at details at weddings, and especially if you’re ‘Pinning’ this is definitely a blog post for you!


Diana & Andrew | Perth Wedding Photography

You know what else we admire? Winter brides (and bridesmaids for that matter) who endure cold weather in their flowy, usually strapless dresses without a peep! Well, guys then have it bad in summer, but that’s a different story, because this one happened in June.

Diana and Andrew got married at The Vines Resort & Country Club, more precisely the area known as Ceremony Gardens. Not the most creatively named wedding ceremony venue, but one that radiates such calm and beauty, especially on a clear, at times sunny Perth winter day. Right next to the gardens, there is a small picturesque vineyard where we caught the last glimpse of the short-lived wintery sun. The remaining location photos were done at the Mussel Pool area of Whiteman Park.

The reception was held at The Vines again, and by that time, the cold weather set in, but that was never going to stop Diana and Andrew from having time of their life.


Tamara & Rohan | Wedding Photography Perth

Another perfect weather May wedding! Perhaps we shouldn’t be saying anything so as not to jinx ourselves, but we’ve had a very good run with weather over the years.

Tamara and Rohan got married by the pool at Rohan’s boss’s house in Wandi. The bride arrived in a vintage sports Ford XB Falcon, and was welcomed by a selected group of friends and family, which included their adorable son.

After the ceremony, we proceeded to Fremantle to have their location photos taken. We love all those old doors, so romantic. And the two were so adorable, not being able to take their eyes off each other.

The affair continued back at the house with lots of conga dancing around the pool Smile