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Natasa & Daniel | Perth Wedding Photography

How to do a short blog post from 1,500 photos? This wasn’t easy. We’ve already written about Serbian weddings and how many traditions there are during the long day of celebrations, and this time, with Macedonians thrown into the mix, there’s even more.

Again there was a breakfast at the groom’s parent’s’ house, with the traditional shaving of the groom. There’s dancing straight away, and the whole group goes together to the bride’s place. And here you can see another stunning fake bride.

The ceremony was held at St Nikola’s Macedonian Orthodox Church. This was a very hot day, and the crowns and the wrap didn’t help. We then proceeded to Kings Park, and then the city, and had photos taken at His Majesty’s Theatre, and around King Street (very royal indeed Smile)

The reception was held at the Pan Pacific, with that fantastic cake, and beautiful decorations. At the end of the long day everyone was still in a great mood, and danced their feet off.


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You can see more photos and order prints by clicking on the image below


Tamara & Djordje | Perth Wedding Photography

If you haven’t been to a Serbian wedding, make sure you get invited to one! They are full on, with drinking and dancing from early morning. Some of the customs include extended family breakfast at the groom’s, then they all go together to get the bride from her house, where more lunching, drinking and dancing ensues!  Pay special attention to the ‘fake bride’!

The couple then goes to church together.

The part of the best man – ‘KUM’, and maid of honour ‘KUMA’, is much more elaborate, and they are a very important part of the day. Even more elaborate is the church ceremony, with crowns, and tying of the hands, and walking in circles, drinking of wine. And when it’s a warm, summers day, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Further to all that, this gorgeous bride is pregnant, but she did really well.

Tamara and Djordje were honoured with an unexpected guest, brought by their priest, none other than the NBA star Vlade Divac! Even Mladen couldn’t resist jumping in for a photo! This wedding will surely be remembered in the Perth’s Serbian community for a long time.


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See more photos and order prints from this wedding here: BUY-PRINTS-IMAGEsml

Zoe and Shane | Wedding Photography Perth

Yet another couple still on their honeymoon who have kindly allowed us to blog their wedding before they’ve even seen the photos themselves!

This lovely affair took place at Heathcote, with an outdoor ceremony under that huge gorgeous tree. The light was just perfect, and our new camera paid itself off by capturing it so well!

We then ventured down the hill for a few shots at the river, and again, magical spot for afternoon light. Back up, sans heels, for the reception at Bluewater Grill.

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Andrea & Dave | Perth Wedding Photography

We photographed Andrea and Dave’s engagement in August last year, and now finally their wedding is here!

The couple lives in Kalgoorlie, but they got married in Fremantle’s Merv Cowan park, and by one of our favourite celebrants, Tysoe Richmond Cooper, who married us as well in 2007. The reception followed at The Esplanade. The theme of the day was blue, with lots of carefully chosen details that have a lot of meaning to Andrea and Dave.

Lucky guys are still on their honeymoon, so this is the world premiere of their photos!

2013-03-12_00012013-03-12_00022013-03-12_00032013-03-12_00042013-03-12_00052013-03-12_00062013-03-12_00072013-03-12_00082013-03-12_00092013-03-12_00102013-03-12_00112013-03-12_00122013-03-12_00132013-03-12_00142013-03-12_00152013-03-12_00162013-03-12_00172013-03-12_00182013-03-12_00192013-03-12_00202013-03-12_00212013-03-12_00222013-03-12_00232013-03-12_0023a2013-03-12_0024 featured2013-03-12_00252013-03-12_00262013-03-12_00272013-03-12_00282013-03-12_00292013-03-12_00302013-03-12_00312013-03-12_00322013-03-12_00332013-03-12_00342013-03-12_00352013-03-12_00362013-03-12_0037