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Vynka & Brad | Perth Wedding Photography

This couple opted for a lovely daytime wedding. The ceremony was held in the impressive St George’s Cathedral in CBD, and Mladen couldn’t resist photographing the amazing Ascalon sculpture outside of it.

Afterwards, we went to the Government House gardens, and then down the Howard Lane, with the outdoor chandeliers and graffiti walls.

The reception lunch was held at the Metro Bar and Bistro, and there was just as much fun there as at any evening function with great guests who took wholeheartedly to dressing up for the photo booth.

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Melissa and Jeff | Perth Wedding Photography

Melissa has been one of the most organised brides we’ve ever worked with, and all her hard work paid off on the day of their wedding. Starting with the groom’s preparations, there are so many thoughtful and lovely details.

Their ceremony was held at the perfectly manicured Council House Gardens in the CBD. We stayed around there for the photos, including Perth Council House entrance, Brookfield Place, and The Trustee Bar and Bistro. The bridal party had a quick refreshment there, and then it was off to the reception at The Boatshed Restaurant in South Perth.

At the South Perth foreshore we got one of the most popular photos we ever posted on our Facebook page, Perth skyline bathed in twilight blue, with Melissa and Jeff in the foreground.

The reception was lots of fun, with the yummiest desert bar and lots of love shared around. Even Mladen scored a few hugs.

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Kelly & Ross | Perth Wedding Photography

Kelly and Ross got married on a Monday mid April. Yes, a Monday, which seems like an odd day to choose for a wedding, but it was their 10th anniversary, so it made perfect sense for the couple.

Kelly is the director of Twisted Vaudeville Circus, a burlesque entertainment company, so of course this wedding had a lovely vintage feel, and a lot of original touches.

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous Marlee Pavilion in Kings Park, which we hadn’t heard of before this wedding. We were also very impresses with their celebrant, a shout out to Dru Soltys. You will also notice a couple of cute VIPs (very important pooches) which were a part of the event.

One of the said surprises was the lion dance at the cocktail reception, held at the swanky Venn Gallery and Bar in Perth CBD.

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Chantelle & Chris | Perth Wedding Photographer

Here’s another lovely pregnant bride, maintaining a smile throughout the long day that is her wedding. She smartly opted for a pair of comfy flip flops.

Chantelle and Chris chose two great venues for their ceremony and reception, which meant that we could do all our photos around them. The ceremony was held at Harold Boas Gardens, one of our favourite in Perth, with such lush greenery, it always looks great in photos. It is there we got the fun playground shots, we’re sure their child will love those one day! The reception was at the picturesque Brookleigh in the Swan Valley.

We cannot wait to see the leather bound Jorgensen album we ordered for this couple!