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Kristabel & Kadir | Perth Wedding Photography

Kristabel and Kadir tied the knot in May at Our Lady of the Missions Church in Craigie, where they had an awesomely funny priest, and a great number of friends and family present. We particularly like the Bob Marley quote from the back of the program.

We got some great park shots and the couple had fun with their bridal party on the beach. Check out the photos with the friendly AQWA sharks, safely stowed away behind very thick glass Smile

The reception was also held at the lovely AQWA function room, with that romantic blue lighting, and in the presence of a bull made out of carton (gotta love weddings!)

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Patricia & Nathan | Perth Wedding Photography

This lovely couple married on a rainy late April day in Fremantle at the Notre Dame University Chapel. After the photos with their cute baby and family, we took off on a tour of Freo, and these locals knew exactly where they wanted to go. We were about to recommend to them the colourful doors (see below), but they already had them on their list of shoot locations. Stunning images!

Despite the chilly air, we got some beach shots, and even though they are not your typical blue and white summer shots, these have their own charm. We also love the dramatic train line kiss Smile

On to a quick cuppa at Gino’s, and then it was time for their relaxed reception at Little Creatures Deck Bar. There was a disaster with the cake, so we never got to photograph it as it was supposed to look like, and despite Trish’s disappointment, most people will agree the one they cut looks lovely and also very trendy!

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Chloe & Michael | Perth Wedding Photography

To ward off the winter blues, here is a fantastic beach themed wedding from Chloe and Michael. She was a bridesmaid at a wedding we photographed a few years back, and we were very glad to have her back as a beautiful bride.

The couple got married at the fascinating Quarry Amphitheatre, braving every bride’s worst fear – steep steps! Luckily it all went well, and after the emotional ceremony, and the mandatory congratulations and family shots, we were off to have some fun shots down at the beach. At City Beach we were particularly fascinated with the red wall background, then the lighthouse, and the VW kombi van the couple hired was particularly charming.

Their reception was held at the Salt on the Beach, where the decorations were done with perfect taste. Try to spot the very original surfboard ‘guest book’ which everyone got to sign on the night.

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