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Madeleine & Naviin | Perth Wedding Photography

Two weddings from Core Cider House in a row. And a great example how the weather impacts the colours and mood of photos. Madeleine and Naviin not only have the most beautiful names, they also have faces to match. Sweethearts from high school, the tenderness between these two will melt you. We braved the rain a few times to go out into the orchard to get some good photos. Their guests enjoyed a cocktail reception at Core with live music.

Bec & Ben | Perth Wedding Photographer

Bec and Ben are not only super sweet, they’re lots of fun as well. Their wedding was both beautiful and elegant, but also relaxed. Sharing the wedding with their kids made it all the more perfect. Bec’s daughter Layla was a gorgeous bridesmaid, and their adorable son Max was the ringbearer. Core Cider House was the perfect host as always. They made sure the ceremony and reception went ahead without a hitch, and they looked after not only the bride and groom, but the photographer as well! The photos from the flowering orchard in glorious afternoon sun are some of our favourites of all time.

The gorgeous flowers are courtesy of Caflora Couture. The styling for ceremony and reception by Ceremony Secrets.

Bec’s elegant curls were done by Loren Dempsey and her flawless make-up by Brittanie Dyer.