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Our Wedding Albums

We’re delighted to present our pride and joy – our wedding albums that are offered as part of our top of the line Album Package.

We think that there is no better way of presenting wedding photos than inside a traditional matted wedding album. There is something special about these timeless classics, which are handcrafted from top materials, and designed and built to outlast the people shown in them. We are hearing more and more stories about our brides inheriting their grandmother’s wedding albums, and we would absolutely love to have our wedding albums shared from one generation to another. We would consider that our greatest lasting achievement.

In our search for manufacturers of top quality wedding albums, we were surprised to find heavy Australian presence with, in our opinion, three of top five album manufacturers coming from Down Under. The great Aussie album makers are Jorgensen Albums, Seldex and Photo Mounts and Albums (we think these last guys need to come up with a catchier brand name). Rounding up our top five are Queensberry from New Zealand and Leather Craftsmen from the USA. The two that impressed us the most were Jorgensen and Queensberry, and we opted to make Jorgensen our wedding supplier. Why? Well, apart from being as least as good as any other in the above list, they manufacture their albums 15km away from us – yes, they are a Perth company that has truly conquered the world! It’s great to hear that world famous wedding photographers, such as Jeff Ascough from UK, use Jorgensen Albums exclusively. Needless to say, we are delighted to carry their line of albums and are thrilled to present our studio sample here.

The sample shown here is from the fabulous new line of Jorgensen albums, called Komplet Collection. The Komplet Collection albums have a distinct feature that they combine traditional (our favourite) matted pages with flush mount (edge to edge prints) pages.

Enough of talk, let’s look at some pictures Smile The albums come in a stylish presentation box that is so sturdy that we think it could be compared to that other, better-known black box. Albums are neatly wrapped up inside this box.


And here comes the album – out of numerous cover options (including many kinds of leather, non-leather, vinyl, silk and even wood covers), we opted for an animal-friendly Sumeria Vinyl cover in white. The cover has this wavy, textured surface – very cool stuff.


The mainstay of these albums are the traditional matted pages. The photos are framed in beautiful textured black mats.


The mats have white beveled edges, and we are huge fans of these – they really add the third dimension to the photo presentation.


Here’s an example of the way traditional matted pages are combined with flush mount (edge to edge prints) pages. In fact, the flush mount page can extend to the adjacent page for a very cool effect.


Of course, the flush mount pages can be used as a panorama spread as well.


Flush mount pages really add something special to these albums. Having said that, their effect wears off if they are overused. We like to stick to the classy matted pages as much as possible and let them make the photos really pop out of the page.